About Us

Poker in Texas is a non-profit organization comprised of online and live-action poker players. Our membership consists of enthusiasts from around the State of Texas, and beyond, who have joined together to promote the game and protect the right to play poker in all its forms.

Poker in Texas ’ mission is to establish favorable laws that provide poker players with a secure, safe and regulated place to play. Through education and awareness, Poker in Texas will endeavor to make the skilled games of poker safe and legal within the State of Texas, thus freeing responsible citizens to make their own personally responsible recreational choices as to be able to enjoy one of America’s oldest recreations.

Poker in Texas is dedicated to defending and advocating the rights of poker players, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Poker in Texas wishes to keep this game of skill, one of America’s oldest recreational activities, free from egregious government intervention and misguided laws. On behalf of our membership, we will promote poker and its associated economic benefits through advocacy work in Austin, TX, and throughout the State. Poker in Texas will work with lawmakers to ensure a thoughtful and productive dialogue that represents everyone who enjoys and wants to protect the game.

Poker in Texas ’ most powerful resource is the players. Through various media outlets, including our Facebook Group, and through direct contact with our members, Poker in Texas is empowering poker players and enthusiasts to deliver positive messages about the game and why it should be protected to state, and local elected representatives.


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