Arguably, the second most common objection that we encounter when advocating to acquaintances, friends, and family who are not active poker players is this:

LEGAL POKER WILL NEVER PASS THE TEXAS LEGISLATURE” – or some substantially similar dismissal of the topic.

This is frequently the most common reply that myself and the Board of Directors for Poker In Texas receives from poker players and enthusiasts when we begin to explain who, as an organization, we are and what goals and objectives that we are working towards. The players have somehow come to a collective decision that any poker legislation cannot pass through the Texas Legislature. This argument has the simplest solution and is the most difficult to effectively communicate when we discuss overcoming objections with people and players who have an interest in making Poker In Texas a legal reality.

Prepare to Win

Personally, having been a competitive athlete in high school and college, as well as my current passion for poker, I simply cannot fathom entering any endeavor with the mindset that it is a pre-ordained conclusion that I will lose. How is anyone going to try their best, how are people going to make sufficient effort to make a change, if they believe, before the game, or the discussion, or the negotiation begins that they will lose? Having a positive mindset is essential in the undertaking of any worthwhile endeavor; it sets the tone of preparation and of interactions with others

Having said the above, just acknowledging that this will be a difficult and intensive campaign is not the same as admitting defeat before the argument is made.

We, the poker players of Texas are extremely numerous. There are hundreds of thousands of players in Texas, if not more. From those who occasionally play at a neighbors garage game, to the dedicated amateur/bar league players to the aspiring professionals who must travel for hundreds of miles to find legal games… our numbers are legion, but we have never spoken with a unified voice.

Each Individual Matters

One individual cannot do all of the work. Even with 180 Texas State representatives and State Senators. If they only hear from the one representative of a group, they will not be swayed. HOWEVER, if even a fraction of the players unite, and take 5 to 10 minutes a week to make contact with the duly elected lawmakers of Texas, the unified sound of our voice will be nearly impossible to be denied. Take a moment EACH WEEK. Make a phone call. Send an E-mail. Send a Tweet. We are even making it easy, we have pre-written EMAILs for you and pre-written TWEETs for you. All you have to do is copy/paste. And the email addresses of our State Representatives and State Senators are published, and they are included on our Weekly Calls to Action found HERE.

With only 5 minutes per week, each of you, make that… each of US, can and will make Poker In Texas a reality. We never know what we can accomplish until we actually step up and DO SOMETHING.

Follow our ongoing discussion as we discuss overcoming objections to more reasons that people may not understand how legalized Poker In Texas can be a benefit to the entire state.

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